Euromast – Colourful Rotterdam experience

At the famous Euromast viewing tower in Rotterdam, visitors from all over Europe and the world come together. The Euromast is the perfect place to experience the colourful and diverse spirit of this vibrant city and explore Rotterdam’s identity. The most exciting part of the Euromast is the Euroscoop ride, taking visitors up to 185 meters in a rotating motion. NorthernLight completely[…]


Tirpitz museum Denmark

The new Tirpitz Museum boasts four exhibition rooms and is linked underground to a large bunker from World War Two, which was part of the Atlantikwall. Once inside the museum, you tune into the natural rhythm of West Jutland, into the heartbeat of the region. In the central room, the movement is visualised in a[…]


ASML Experience center

Chip machine manufacturer ASML opened an experience center on Wednesday September 21, 2016 where, at the invitation you can experience what ASML does. ASML continues to give tours of the clean room at the factory, but has rathar not anyone and everyone on the floor. With the experience center, the company gets an alternative. Via[…]


Maison Cailler Switzerland

Cailler is a famous Swiss chocolate brand, part of the Nestlé company. For the renovation of their museum and interactive factory tour, designed by Tinker, Pieter Huijgen programmed the Coolux show control system. The media playout incorporates two videos showing the Cailler heritage, an interactive quiz and finally a video mapping show on a scale[…]

nestle 3

Nestlé experience Switzerland

On the occasion of its 150th anniversary Nestlé has opened its doors to the public. As the world’s largest food company it has a huge impact around the globe. Tinker has created the family experience nest with an exhibition area of 3500 m2 located in Vevey, Switzerland. Right where Henri Nestlé established his first factory in 1866[…]


Overture – ballet by David Dawson

Dutch National Ballet presented Overture, a world premiere in a choreography by David Dawson, music from Scanner and a set design by Eno Henze. The set design consists of 16 kinetic light objects, each 5 meters long, which can rotate on two axis and can move up and down. These 48 axis of movement were[…]

Tom Postma Design ABN AMRO WTT 2016 (8)

ABN Amro World tennis tournament

The ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the Netherlands. Tom Postma Design designed the visitor areas such as the entrance, restaurant, sitting areas and the ABN AMRO WTT VIP Lounge. For this project Pieter Huijgen made the lighting design for the VIP lounge.

Tom Postma Design TEFAF 2015 (3)

TEFAF Maastricht 2015

TEFAF Maastricht is one of the world’s leading art fairs. It is a constantly evolving showcase for the best works of art on the market. In addition to the traditional areas of Old Master paintings and antique Works of Art, TEFAF also presents a wide variety of Classical Modern and Contemporary Art, as well as[…]


Laika – Dutch National Opera

The Dutch National Opera presented Laika, a new opera directed by contemporary artist Aernout Mik and with music from Martijn Padding. For this opera we used a massive amount of AV-equipment: 7 Coolux Pandoras Box mediaservers 3 Panasonic HD-SDI remote cameras 2 Philips LDK studio cameras 6 Panasonic DX100 projectors 4 Optoma W710 ultra wide[…]