Euromast – Colourful Rotterdam experience

At the famous Euromast viewing tower in Rotterdam, visitors from all over Europe and the world come together. The Euromast is the perfect place to experience the colourful and diverse spirit of this vibrant city and explore Rotterdam’s identity. The most exciting part of the Euromast is the Euroscoop ride, taking visitors up to 185 meters in a rotating motion. NorthernLight completely redesigned this ride and the surrounding experience to make it reflect the colourful and diverse identity of Rotterdam. They also developed a totally new visual concept for the overarching experience: “Colourful Rotterdam: a journey from ME to WE”.

PROSIGN was responsible for the show control automatisation, like audio play-out, light controls and interaction with the elevator control system.

concept & design: Northernlight
Installation: ATA Tech / BRUNS
LX Design: Marc Heinz
Sound Design: Dennis Slot
Soundtrack: Oliver Heldens