ASML Experience center

Chip machine manufacturer ASML opened an experience center on Wednesday September 21, 2016 where, at the invitation you can experience what ASML does. ASML continues to give tours of the clean room at the factory, but has rathar not anyone and everyone on the floor. With the experience center, the company gets an alternative. Via a walk along interactive screens, 3D projectsion and physical machine parts, during the 500 square-meter space pupils, students, suppliers and customers realize that without microchips with millions components no cell phones and computers would exist. And the machines that make them ever faster, smaller and cheaper chips, are as well made by ASML.

The almost life-size projected EUV3350 machine is the showpiece of the experience center. With 3D glasses you can see how components are removed from the technological masterpiece and then their function is explained.

For this project we designed custom interactivity with a Samsung tablet controlling the 3D animations which are played out using a Christie Pandoras Box media server.

concept, design & production management: Tinker
AV installation: Mansveld
set construction: Bruns