Laika – Dutch National Opera

The Dutch National Opera presented Laika, a new opera directed by contemporary artist Aernout Mik and with music from Martijn Padding.

For this opera we used a massive amount of AV-equipment:
7 Coolux Pandoras Box mediaservers
3 Panasonic HD-SDI remote cameras
2 Philips LDK studio cameras
6 Panasonic DX100 projectors
4 Optoma W710 ultra wide angle projectors (0.52:1)
14 Plasma displays

Pieter Huijgen designed some specific solutions, like seamless projection on a 4x4x2,5m cube, travelling and rotating along a 22 meter long steel pipe, and multiplexed HD video transmission over CWDM fiber optics.

For more info, please read the article in Zichtlijnen 156 here (only in Dutch):